The next-generation booking platform making everything a little simpler.

In any fast-moving industry, you’ve got to be able to work on the go. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect lets you do just that, so you can get things done wherever you are, however you like.

And that’s not all.

Nobody wants to waste precious time slogging through admin tasks, so we designed Productivity Suite with easy-to-use features that enable you to work more efficiently.

The result? You can adapt your workflow to your business needs and work the way you want.

Discover simplicity, discover efficiency, discover Productivity Suite.

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Let’s meet Sally...

Productivity Suite within Selling Platform Connect

About Sally

About Sally

Sally is a travel consultant. She’s excited! Amadeus Selling Platform is user friendly and helping her make bookings in no time. But Sally is also frustrated as she’s making a few mistakes and omitting key information.

Let’s help Sally...

Add a service fee

Oh no…forgot to add a service fee

Oh no…forgot to add a service fee

Sally is making a booking to New York. She’s just forgotten to add a service fee and the account number but, luckily, Sally’s company uses Productivity Suite. The clever Quality Monitor module sends Sally a handy, real-time reminder and offers to help. Crisis averted.

Or not...

Formatting made easy

How to remember all those formats!

How to remember all those formats!

Now Sally has to work out the format of the service fee and how much to charge. Not a problem: Productivity Suite has created a Smart Flow with a wizard-like system which Sally can follow with ease to end up with the correct service fee, formatted perfectly.

Sally’s boss is very pleased……

Time to add the customer’s account number

Hate all those lengthy account numbers

Hate all those lengthy account numbers

Poor Sally sometimes struggles to remember all those lengthy account numbers, but with the help of another Smart Flow she simply enters the customer’s name and it adds the account number automatically. The finance department know exactly who to invoice.

The finance manager is delighted……

Getting APIS right

The dreaded APIS entry

The dreaded APIS entry

Sally’s nearly ready to confirm her New York booking when Quality Monitor reminds her that APIS will be needed, requiring more than 15 separate bits of information, arranged in order and with the corresponding codes. Thanks to Smart Flows, all that info is loaded in just a few clicks.

The Ops Manager is over the moon.

Find out how you can take advantage of the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect Productivity Suite.

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Smart Flows

Make bookings
a breeze

Smart Flows

Both everyday tasks and more complex projects are a breeze with Smart Flows. Available in cryptic and graphic, they’re easy to create and even easier to follow, thanks to their straightforward, step-by-step flow.

Forget complex commands, save time and work even more efficiently.

Quality Monitor
Real-time, real value

Quality Monitor

Using criteria set by you, Quality Monitor spots any errors and prompts you in real-time to correct them before completing a booking.

By helping to make sure the Booking File complies with booking processes, Quality Monitor ensures consistency and quality of service, all of the time.

Other tools
More tools for you,
more productive for
your business

Other Tools



As well as Quality Monitor and Smart Flows, Productivity Suite also offers Smart Triggers and File Finishing. These four tools can work together or independently, depending on your needs.

Smart Triggers File Finishing

Smart Triggers

Smart Triggers

Smart Triggers act like alarms, automatically launching customised flows when triggered by standard or custom commands during the booking flow. When you’re re-pricing, for example, Smart Triggers launch a Smart Flow to help you out.

Overview File Finishing

File Finishing

File Finishing

The File Finishing tool runs without any user intervention at the completion of bookings to include additional elements, like an Airline Corporate Account number whenever that airline is booked, in the PNR.

Overview Smart Triggers

Get started

Smart Flows, Quality Monitor, Smart Triggers and File Finishing are all embedded in Selling Platform Connect, so you can start using them today.


Discover simplicity

All Productivity Suite tools have a user and admin interface. Once they’ve been created by an admin user, they can be instantly deployed across your travel agency network.


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