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Guaranteed fare rules
for voluntary changes,
now on Ethiopian Airlines!

Rise of the office heroes linked to Amadeus Ticket Changer


Amadeus Ticket Changer is an entirely automated suite of products that allows you to efficiently manage your customers’ change requests in a matter of minutes. Whether re-pricing, re-issuing or refunding a ticket or itinerary – Amadeus Ticket Changer does all the work for you – helping you to focus on providing your customers with an exceptional service.

Put on your Ticket Changer cape and truly fly through those tricky fare re-calculations and time consuming ticket reissues and refunds.

No more being Clark Kent hiding in the wings.

Amadeus Ticket Changer

saves the day
in just 4 short steps

Super speed:

Deflect the time consuming side effects of ‘Manual Reissue Kryptonite’. Instead use your newfound superpowers to shorten reissues in just 4 steps with Amadeus Ticket Changer:

  1. Retrieve the existing booking
  2. Rebook the new itinerary, class, flight, date
  3. Recalculate the price difference, penalty, tax
  4. Reissue: prepare & issue the document automatically

Compared to up to 15 steps for manual reissues.

Transform a previously time consuming and complex process and save up to an impressive 25 minutes per reissued ticket.

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great savings

Wipe out Airline
Debit Memos

Super saver:

Charge the right fare, tax and penalty to become the office superhero and wipe out Airline Debit Memos related to reissues.

Amadeus Ticket Changer systematically and accurately calculates the fare, tax balance and penalty fee. This ensures the right fare and the right penalty charge are applied, helping to avoid Airline Debit Memos and save on unnecessary costs.

Automated results are covered by our fare guarantee policy.

Airline Debit Memos in Africa range from $50 up to $250 with the global average being at $110

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Focus on
increasing your
bottom line

X-ray vision:

Uncover lucrative service fee opportunities by using Amadeus Ticket Changer to efficiently manage your re-ticketing needs with confidence.

Today, customers are well aware that nothing comes without a cost, least of all ticket changes. Capitalise on this opportunity by charging a service fee per change and watch your revenues grow.

See how Amadeus Ticket Changer can also help you to retain your customers by providing them with a service previously offered mainly by airlines.

Use your x-ray vision and see your bottom line grow.

Approximately 10% of tickets are changed at least once

Amadeus Ticket Changer can be hugely profitable for you.

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in numbers

Superior strength:

Only Amadeus gives you the strength to guarantee ticket reissues with over 130 airlines filing Category 31 Voluntary Changes fare rules so you can handle multi passenger type changes all at once and as many times as you need to.

Guaranteed fare rules for voluntary changes from 9 out of the top 10 airlines operating in Sub-Saharan Africa

If Category 31 (Voluntary Changes) fare content is not available, Amadeus Ticket Changer applies Category 16 (Penalties) conditions using assumptions.

Category 16 reissue calculations are not covered by our guarantee, but customers report excellent accuracy and time-saving with this new module.

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